Xbox One With a camera system that is not only included by default, but also more sensitive and powerful (at least on paper), the facial recognition log-in is intended as the primary way users get

The facial and skeletal recognition capabilities of the Kinect have raised some privacy related fears. Fortunately, if you want to use Kinect, but are worried about potential abuse, you can turn off auto-logon as well as voice or gesture commands. beyond that, yea the PS4 can track where the controller is in relation to the room, but that doesn't even approach what the Xbox One is doing with Kinect 2.0 facial recognition and automatically inputting individual player settings by simply passing the controller.. Jan 16, 2014 · From its new PC-friendly x86 chip architecture to a reimagined Xbox Live experience, the Xbox One has a lot going on.Heck, it even comes with a Kinect (whether you want it or not). I’ve spent a Sep 17, 2017 · Depth cameras continued to evolve: Kinect 2.0 for the Xbox One replaced PrimeSense technology with Microsoft's own tech and had much higher accuracy and resolution. It could recognize faces and

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I got on XBox this morning and lo and behild there's my stepson logged in and it says he's playing Fallout 4. His dad gave my wife an excuse the the Kinects facial recognition software recognizes him and logs him in every time he walks in the room. We don't have Kinect withour XB1 so i have no experience with it. You would have a "setup" function that would ask the user the stare at the Kinect, and would save the points the face tracker returns to you. When you wish to recognize a face, the user would look at the screen and you would compare the face tracker points to a database of faces. This is roughly how the Xbox does it. May 19, 2017 · If your Kinect can’t recognize you or other people properly, you need to adjust this from another screen. Sign in as the person your Kinect can’t recognize and head to All Settings > Account > Sign-in, Security & Passkey. Select “Reset my Kinect sign-in data” on this screen.

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