Sep 05, 2019

Use custom settings for history: Allows you to customize a number of Firefox’s history-related settings, detailed below. The option “Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed” removes cookies and site data from Firefox when you exit the browser. You may add exceptions to keep cookies and site data for select sites. Recommended How to automatically delete your Microsoft Edge browsing If you are new to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, here is a useful tip to help you automatically clear your browsing history every time you exit the browser. >Configure Firefox To Delete All Cookies On Exit But Mar 13, 2011 Clear Microsoft Edge Cookies, History and Cache on Exit

Clear Cache / Cookies Upon Browser Exit (Chrome, Firefox

Cookies are stored on your computer by websites you visit and contain information such as site preferences or login status. This article describes how to delete Firefox cookies, other site data and cached web content.. If you just want to clear the Firefox cache, see How to clear the Firefox cache.; To clear your browsing history, cookies and temporarily cached files at once, see Delete Automatically Clear Firefox Cache, History, Cookies On Exit Here are the steps to automatically clear firefox cache, browsing history, site logins on exit: 1. Install the History Block Firefox Add-on. 2. Go to the add-on settings and select the fields you want to clear automatically when you close the browser. This Active logins, cache, form and search history, browsing history and cookies. How can I clear my browsing history on exit?

Configure Chrome / Firefox / Edge to Automatically Clear

How Do I Clear My Browser's Cache, Cookies, and History Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser. Opera. From the Opera menu, select Settings, and then Delete Private Data. In the dialog box that opens, select the items you want to clear, and then click Delete. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser. Safari 8. From the Safari menu, select Clear History and Website Data. Clear Cache / Cookies Upon Browser Exit (Chrome, Firefox