Gold Patch Manny Machado PRONP5 Heart of the Hide HOH 12.25 Pro Grade new RHT Glove. A Rawlings associate told me there were only 20 of these made. These could have been made for Spring Training. Original Price tag $289 plus tax. The glove has the unique stitching besides the Gold Patch.The glove has the M.Machado NPGame Day under the Rawlings paper tag. The picture with Machado’s name …

Had I instead let the case be escalated to eBay (leading to a defect on my account), I would stand a better chance of getting my money back. But I probably would have still gotten the same canned response that it was over 30 days ago, etc. This is proof that eBay does NOT stand behind sellers impacted by … Unique Green Distressed Goatskin Leather Hide | eBay Approximate Size (in square feet) - 4.5. should this leather fail to live up to your expectations. unique natural spots - super nice. Craft Grade - accepted w/blemishes or holes, or other processing flaws. Gold Patch Manny Machado PRONP5 Heart of the Hide HOH 12

The way to see how long your system takes is by practice, and by noting when you clicked the Confirm Bid button and comparing that to eBay's time stamp for your bid in Bid History. On my desktop Mac connected via cable modem, I see between zero and two seconds delay, so I click my Confirm Bid button at T minus 3 seconds.On my slower laptop over

Nov 25, 2018 · eBay members can change the name under which they're known to the rest of the community. If you're unhappy with your ID, consider changing it, though you should be aware that eBay will mark you as having recently changed your ID. This could serve as something of a red flag to other eBay members considering doing business with you. Please complete the form to activate this button. or. Continue with Google opens in new window or tab

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Solved: How to hide identity when bidding?? - The eBay Jun 13, 2014 how do I hide my username? - The eBay Community You can see the masked ID ebay has given you in any listing where you have bid without logging out. Go to a listing, click on the # of bids to get to the Bid History page. Hover your cursor over your full ID in the bidding history. A popup will appear with your current masked ID. easy peasy. How do I hide my username when bidding - The eBay Community I don't see anything in your bidding history that you would have any reason to hide from anyone. If you are thinking of bidding on a listing of a seller with whom you have had a dispute, it is probably a bad idea. He would very likely have blocked bids from you anyway. how do i hide my ebay name when im bidding? | Yahoo Answers