I plan to buy a PS3 this month, but I'm not sure whether it will work with through a laptop screen. Would viewing the PS3 be better on my 20" SDTV through composite cable or 14" HD laptop through HDMI cable? I plan to buy games like FF XIII and MAG. Thanks for the help :)

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The situation described is one of many reasons you should copy your PS3 games. PlayStation 3 games often cost in excess of $60, and replacement costs for damaged discs add up. An unfortunate fact of gaming is that no matter how careful you are with the game media, over time wear and tear does, can, and likely will occur.

I’ve recently bought an Inspiron 27-7777 AIO, which has a large and excellent 27” screen. My work laptop is a Lenovo and currently I’m plugging it into an old Dell external monitor so I can read the screen more clearly at home, which works fine. Can I use my new Inspiron 27-7777 AIO, just as a scree Using Laptop as Display for PS3 | AVForums Jun 15, 2012