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P2P SERVICES Welcome to P2P – People to People Services. Simply a better way to success. We open doors to new career and financial possibilities for a brighter future. Our focus is to promote different private schools, community colleges and universities, its programs and other services including the image and reputation of Canadian Education and its system. Best P2P Payment Services | Top Ten Reviews Jan 17, 2019 P2P

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If you’re having trouble finding an affordable loan with a traditional bank or credit union, a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company, or a similar lending platform, is worth a closer look. Unlike traditional lenders, peer-to-peer loan companies work with individual or corporate investors who supply money to fund business and consumer loans.

P2P NAT Sample | Epic Online Services The P2P NAT sample demonstrates Peer-To-Peer communication between users using NAT-traversal via the P2P Interface. To help determine if the user can easily connect to peers, the P2P Interface can query the local user's NAT Type in relation to the internet, the sample shows this status for the logged in user.